PV Modules

PV Modules

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PV Modules

  • We at Cosmic produces high efficiency Multi, Mono PERC and Bifacial modules with superior efficiency, higher performance and enhanced reliability from our production facility at Surat, India.
  • With our fully automatic robotic manufacturing equipment from leading equipment suppliers, robust in-house processes and high grade raw materials we are providing high - Grade Solar Panels from 40Wp to 450Wp.
  • Our unique, fully automated, Robotic production process ensures highest level of precision and consistent production quality. Our Modules are manufactured in clean and dust free environment and are designed to sustain harsh environmental conditions.

Key Features of Our Modules

Best in-class Relaibility & Durability

Superior Module Efficiency

Positive Power tolerance up to 3% Extra

Positive Power tolerance up to 3% Extra

Ip68 Junction Box for Long term weather endurance

Ensure Safety parameters through safety test

Glass with anti-reflective coating to maximum sunlight potential

Our Premium Range Of Modules


315Wp to 340Wp


365Wp to 390Wp


390Wp to 410Wp


Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

High Performance 72 Full cell modules with efficiency up to 18% & power output: 315 – 340 Wp. Modules with low temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance. Superior performance at NOCT and PTC conditions.

High Reliability

Using tempered glass as back sheet, which brings higher relaibility and better anti-corrosiveness to the modulese in weak-light conditions

Best in Class Reliability

Cosmic Modules are able to withstand wind load 2400pa and snow load 5400Pa

BIS Certified

BIS Certified Modules

DCR Content

Module is available


Mono PERC Modules

High Performance 72 Full-Cell Mono Modules With Efficiency Up to 20.1 % & power output: 365 – 390 Wp. Modules with low temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance. 10% higher power output compared to industry average poly-crystalline module. Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light (1100 – 1200 mm)

Anti - Reflective Coating

Glass with anti-reflective coating
To maximize sunlight potential

Superior Module Efficiency

Module Efficiency Up To 20%

Pre and Post EL Checking

Pre and Post EL Checking to ensure defect free modules

Positive Power tolerance

Positive Power tolerance up to
3% Extra. 


144 CELL Modules

High Performance 144 Half-Cell Poly/Mono Perc Modules with Efficiency Up to 20.4 % & Power output: 380 – 400Wp. Better performance even at low irradiation Maximum System Voltage: 1500 V DC, increased string length & low BOS cost Withstand up to 5400 Pa of snow load and 2400 Pa of wind load.

Junction Box

Ip68 Junction Box for

Long Term Weather Endurance

Ensure Safety

Ensure safety parameters through Safety test

Best In Class Modules

Best in-class
Reliability & Durability  

Higher Generation

Excellent temperature coefficient giving higher yields in the long term