PV Modules

The Company's sophisticated and intelligent operating systems continue to drive manufacturing excellence. Cosmic produces high efficiency TOPCon, Mono PERC and Bifacial modules with superior efficiency, higher performance and enhanced reliability from our production facility at Surat, India. With our fully automatic robotic manufacturing equipment from leading equipment suppliers, robust in-house processes and high grade raw materials we are providing high - Grade Solar Panels from 40Wp to 650Wp. Our unique, fully automated, Robotic production process ensures highest level of precision and consistent production quality. Our Modules are manufactured in clean and dust free environment and are designed to sustain harsh environmental conditions. We aim to become the most trusted PV module manufacturing company through continuous innovation and excellent management.  

Key Features of Our Modules

EPC solution

Best in-class Relaibility & Durability

EPC solution

Superior Module Efficiency

EPC solution

Positive Power tolerance up to 3% Extra

EPC solution

Positive Power tolerance up to 3% Extra

EPC solution

Ip68 Junction Box for Long term weather endurance

EPC solution

Ensure Safety Parameters through Safety Test

EPC solution

Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating to Maximum Sunlight Potential

560-600 Wp I N-type TOPCon Technology

Multi-layer energy enhancement and efficiency iteration : 
Cosmic TOPCon Module adopts a new surface passivation technology, which effectively reduces surface compound and metal contact compound, and enables improved efficiency. The efficiency of N-type cell exceeded 25.5% and Module efficiency 22.5%

  • 1% Degradation in first year and 0.4% Degradation in subsequent years
  • Non-Destructive Cell Cutting Process for lower chances of micro-cracks
  • Excellent warranty 
  • Excellent weak light performance 
  • Excellent weather resistance performance

Junction Box
Ensure Safety
Best In Class Modules
Higher Generation

530-560 Wp Bifacial Transparent Backsheet Module

Cosmic Mono PERC Solar Bifacial Modules incorporate latest module technologies including M10 Half-Cut Cells and MBB Design with Round Ribbon Connectors, produced using NDC. Efficiency upto 21.40%. Available in 530-560 Wp (Monofacial, Bifacial Transparent Backsheet)

Round Ribbon for Lower Shading on Cells
Bigger M10 Mono PERC Solar Cells for higher wattage
Resilient to extreme weather conditions
Multi-BB Structure for Lower Electrical Losses
Versatile modules ideal for Utility/C&I/Rooftop Installations

Cosmic produce high efficiency MBB solar PV modules using advanced Mono PERC and Bifacial technology. We offer full spectrum of photovoltaic solar products and services, from Residential to the large industrial/commercial projects.

530-560 Wp Glass to Glass

Cosmic Double-sided generation, powerful energy boost resulting in higher power output within the same space.
To make the most of reflection and scattering of light, modules should be placed in high reflective environments such as  water, sand, grass and white painted ground. With various types of brackets, more power is obtained, under lower kilowatt-hour costs.

High reliability :Cosmic glass to glass modules demonstrate superior long-term reliability, higher quality, and create more value.

• High module efficiency with 144 half-cut Mono crystalline Bi-facial Solar Cell
• Processed on state-of the-art technology production lines
• Use of highest quality raw materials coupled with rigorous in-house testing
• Suitable for Utility, Rooftop, and other  general applications