Our Culture

Our Culture

Work Culture

Role Clarity, Right Compensation, Recognition, Development and Feedback are our five pillars of culture.We create a high performance organization culture with a cut throat competition and recognise our Growth boosters and people for their efforts to walk an extra mile

Going Beyond Work

Creating a Cleaner and sustainable World is imbibed in the blood of Cosmic . Here is glimpse of few activities for creating a social impact in the world.

Fun At Work

For us, it is important to nurture a culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth. Cosmic work culture and environment supports not only the work we do, but our people in a variety of ways.

Continuous Learning, Healthy & Happy Work Place

Working with COSMIC is not just a job. It is a journey, a learning experience. There is so much to explore and hone your talent. COSMIC has a challenging and enjoyable work environment that helps you to realize your potential. Employee Coaching and Development is one of the most important aspect in employees journey with Cosmic. We strongly feel that employees growth and development is organization success. To enhance employees skills and knowledge we continuously indulge in behavioral and technical training.